No paper monster for Google Analytics

Zur Nutzung von Google Analytics verlangt die DSGVO einen Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag. Dieser kann mit Google jetzt mit einigen Klicks erneuert werden.

Before success, the gods in modern times and on the Internet have placed analysis. That’s why Alldesign uses Google Analytics to track the flow of visitors to the websites they support as accurately as possible. But we are writing the year 2018 and in the GDPR age an order (data) processing contract must exist to use this free tool. Just a few weeks ago, our customers had to send packs of paper to Ireland for this word monster. Now this can be done with just a few clicks.

Google Analytics is power

Where are they from? Where are they going? How long are they staying? On which subpage do they leave the website? But also what these visitors are still interested in on the Internet could be important for the online marketing of the respective company. If you want to optimize your website, remember Francis Bacon: “Knowledge is power”. Google Analytics in the right hand is an extremely powerful tool, which is why we like to use it. The handling of this power is regulated by the new Basic Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR already considers the IP address of the website visitor to be a good worth protecting.

Power needs rules

When using Google Analytics, a so-called order (data) processing contract is therefore required between the website operator and the search engine giant. The good thing is that this contract has now been concluded with Google Ireland. This means that the data is collected at least in the EU. The bad thing so far has been that almost all website operators have had to conclude their order processing contracts with Google again. They had to print out, sign and copy pages of paper and – how was that possible again? – to the post office. But Google was probably surprised by the flood of German companies in particular. The process was quickly switched to an online procedure. Even if legal experts are still arguing about whether this procedure complies with the GDPR, it is currently the only viable way.

To rule or to be ruled

Prerequisite to take this necessary path is a Gmail account and of course the login to his Google Analytics account.  While we were not able to follow contractual regulations for the paper path, we can do so digitally in the context of the service contract. In this case a mail to your Alldesign project manager is sufficient. If you prefer to change the settings yourself and renew your contract with Google Analytics, you will find instructions here. If we have not heard anything to the contrary from you by the end of September, we assume tacit approval. Then the Alldesigners will take over this task within the scope of the respective service agreement. The necessary data for the “contact data” (legal person, notification e-mail address, data protection officer) will then be taken from the imprint, the data protection declaration and, if applicable, our CMS.