Photo shootings with companies – what really matters

By 16. February 2016Photography

Some weeks ago we arranged a few photo shootings for a prestigious personal consultant whose international website we arranged and designed. We shot some employee portraits, work space interior shots as well as meeting situations and different macro shots to portray the company in their wide range but still the way it actually is: professional, pleasant and qualified. To be able to organize the extensive shooting all the relevant and important details have been discussed with the participants in the run up. All major points were noted, examples, main colours and ideas were defined and written down. Especially in case when people are involved in the shooting it might be helpful and good for the requested results to engage a visagist to supervise and beautify the models. We try to avoid highlights and details which can’t be retouched afterwards to save costs when it comes to photo editing. Meanwhile you can find our finished results on the website!


photo shooting Düsseldorf


photo shooting Munich