Illustrated advertising

Drawn advertising messages have got a long tradition. In the mid 19 th century first advertising media appearing apart from market stalls or shops has been established. This was just the beginning of advertising illustrations. Advertising illustrations have got a higher emotional impact than pure text messages, apart from currently popular calligraphic texts. When it comes to advertising, illustration has been predominant long into the 1960’s.  Afterwards photographic representation became more and more popular due to being even higher in emotional value. However, illustrations experience a little revolution every few years. Especially with regard to advertising messages initiated to win over children, illustrations are still irreplaceable. In  today’s mass media digital illustrations are playing even greater part than hand drawings. Alldesign makes use of this drawing technique as well, lastly on behalf of our client Rhenus Lub. It was valid to create a technical illustration to visualize the lubricant producer’s different bundles in a product overview.